Plain of Jars

UNESCO has nominated the mysterious Plain of Jars in Phonsavan as a heritage site. It is a popular tourist attraction, receiving a many visitors every year.

The Indochinese war sites such as the Plain of Jars became the Plain of Scars during the Indochinese war since it was directly in the way of the conflict. This site experienced extensive bombing and was also used as the drop-off point for unused artillery after the war. Xieng Khoung and Houaphan became the most heavily bombed places in the world on per capita basis. The condition was worsened by the intense amounts of herbicides and defoliants dropped here.

All these violent events have left their indelible scars on the area in the form of craters, empty shells and tanks. Locals have managed to recycle and reuse some of the war shrapnel into products of daily use such as vegetable planting tools, spoons, fencing material, barbeques and pumps.

Tham Piu Cave