Tham Piu Cave

Many locals used the caves in the surrounding areas as shelter to live during the war days. Some of them were even made into care facilities that looked after war victims and injured soldiers. Even others were used to store weapons as well as medicine. Tham Piu Cave is one of the caves that allow visitors to look around and inspect the remains of the war days. It is one of the witnesses to unfortunate events that occurred during the ‘Secret War’, as it was called. Around 374 people died due to a rocket that landed at this spot in November 1969. These victims were refugees in this cave. Sadly, their bones still remain inside the cave. As the second of the two caves which are now open for tourists, the Tham Xang Caves still houses remains of the arsenal, medicines and traces of refugees that lived here during the war. Other than that, this cave is also worth a visit because of its sheer beauty. Ban Ta’s Hmong community maintains the cave and offers guided tours to visitors.

Plain of Jars