Cambodia Adventure 22 Days


Designed for those keen to discover Cambodia in depth. An eclectic mix of multi-adventures from Phnom Penh to Silk Island, Koh Dach continue to Kompong Cham, Kratie, Ratanakiri, Steung Treng, Siem Reap, Ta Keo, Kep, Bokor Mountain, Kampot, Chi Phat Community and the beaches at Sihanukville. Nature, culture, customs & tradition, history, life style, etc. will be unveiled. Our priority is to take you to every single corner hand in hand with our expert guides.



See lives on Mekong river bank -  See freshwater Irrwaddy dolphins – Overnight stay at Koh Trong in Kratie – See Banlung and visiting the minority village -  Enjoy the greenery of Tonle San River - Virachay National Park – Siem Reap – Angkor complex – Phnom Koulen – Phnom Penh – Royal Palace – Silver Pagoda – Tuol Sleng Museum – Killing Field -  Ta Keo – Phnom Da – Tole Bati - Phnom Wor Mountain – Kep – Bokor Hill station - Chi Phat Community a long Cadamam Mountain - Veal Ta Prak (Silver Field Pond) - Sihanoukville - Koh Rong Island -


Day 1: Arriving Phnom Penh
Welcome your holiday in Cambodia! 
Upon your arrival time at Phnom Penh International Airport, rendezvous with your local Cambodian English speaking tour guide and transfer to the hotel for checking in. Your guide will introduce Cambodia to you briefly about people, culture and life including with history. Today you after check in you will be free at your leisure or explore the city on your owned.

Overnight at your hotel in Phnom Penh
Cycling distance: None 
Meals: None


Day 2: Phnom Penh - Koh Dach (Silk Island) - Kampong Cham 
Following breakfast, a short transfer to northeast of Phnom Penh will take us to Koh Dach is a small island on Mekong River, renowned for the thousands of silk weavers and the quality of the silk they produce. The island itself is a rural paradise, an oasis of tranquility. Ferry embarks and across the Mekong River to the island, from here pick up your bicycles and enjoy cycling through the picturesque countryside and rice paddies. The dirt road is dusty at times, but you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery. Will make a stop at a local family and observe their hand made silk woven on their very old looms. You then get back on your bikes and use the ferry to cross the river, where we continue to peddle along the river bank. After finishing your ride at the pier, hop on the vehicle and transfer to Kampong Cham, a peaceful town on the Mekong River bank.

Overnight at your hotel in Kampong Cham
Cycling distance: 40Km

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included


Day 3: Kampong Cham - Kratie/Koh Trong 
A full day cycling to Kratie, a little town on the Mekong river known for its viewing of the rare freshwater Irrwaddy dolphins. After breakfast, starts cycling along the Mekong Trail. The ride takes us through one of the Mekong's 'biodiversity hot spots' where non-government organizations are working with local communities to survey and protect the biological richness of the river. The ride winds through rice paddies and small traditional Khmer villages. Parts of your cycling route are lined with sugar palm trees. Will stop along the way to visit a local family. Following lunch, you then continue cycling to the Mekong River Dolphin Sanctuary. Return to Kratie by your private air-conditioning vehicle.

Overnight at Local Homestay at Koh Trong (Kratie).

Cycling distance: 90Km
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included


Day 4: Kratie - Rattanakiri 
Enjoy the early breakfast. Today the ride will bring us to Ratanakiri, which is Cambodia’s most remote province, wedged into the far north-east of the country between the Laos and Vietnamese borders. Here we will enjoy riding along the Mekong River, passing through the stunning Cambodian countryside with its rice paddies and Khmer traditional stilted houses. You also will transfer on the main road to Banlung is the capital of Ratanakiri

Overnight at Ratanakiri in Banlung City
Cycling distance: 75Km 

Breakfast and Lunch included


Day 5: Trek to Kaoh Piek 
Following breakfast at our hotel, you will depart to Tonle San River, embarking onto your private boat for a 45 minutes cruise to Kaoh Piek. From here we trek through quiet jungle trails and footpaths. On the way we see some isolated farmhouses, cross a few streams, as well as a bamboo forest. Before we go to the rapids where we spent the first night, we have to climb a hill where we can enjoy a beautiful view above the jungle canopy. The Tonle San river shows her beauty as a green silver stream contrasting with the jungle and the remote mountains.

Overnight in Tent (Camping) or Hammock
Cycling distance: None
Boating: 45 minutes
Trekking: 4 - 5 hours
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included


Day 6: Trek to Virachay National Park
After breakfast at the campsite will continue with trekking to further north. You'll follow the stream and try to spot the animal tracks of the local wildlife. The trek leads you through the forest and at the most northern point of the trek we are only 1 Km as the crow flies to reach the border of the Virachay National Park. We will enjoy lunch by a tranquil spot by a small stream, after which we visit some small farmhouses continuing southward until we reach the Tonle San river which we cross by a small boat. We arrive at the outpost where we spend the night. The outpost has a beautiful view over the Se San river, the jungle and the mountains of the Virachey National Park.

Overnight in Tent (Camping) or Hammock
Trekking: 4 - 5 hours

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included


Day 7: Tonle San River kayaking downstream 
Enjoy with another breakfast in the National Park. Today will start with the kayaks and go downstream on the Tonle San river, which enters Cambodia from Vietnam. The river meanders its way through Ratanakiri and Stung Treng province. Following the downstream currents by kayak to Koah Piek. This is a village inhabited by the Kachah (one of the minority group lives in Cambodia), an indigenous people of the region. Will continue by walking to village and chatting on the way with the friendly villagers. The Kachah people have an interesting sacred cemetery, the graves being flanked with life size wooden statues. Afterward, return to the river and continue paddling down to Kachon. On the way we visit a Kreung village then rerurn to Back to Banlung.

Overnight in Ratanakiri in Banglung City
Kayaking downstream approximately 4hours

Breakfast and Lunch included


Day 8: Rattanakiri - Stung Treng - Siem Reap
Today will depart from the moutainous city after having breakfast. You'll be on the raod almost a full day drive to Siem Reap with three interesting places to see. There is time for early morning shopping at the Banlung market or to see the minority people travel to market for bartering their products before travel on scenic route to Siem Reap via Stung Streng. After passing Steung Treng will driving back to the jungle to have a quick exploration the amazing waterfall of Mekong River "Sopheakmit waterfalls". Second stop will visit the Angkor Era "Koh Ker temple Group", before arriving Siem Reap will discover the hidden temple of Beng Mealea.  

Overnight in Siem Reap 
Breakfast and Lunch included


Day 9: Siem Reap - Angkor Wat 
Another beautiful day starts with a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Siem Reap is a small colonial town just north of Southeast Asia’s largest lake, Tonle Sap. The town itself is charming and pleasant enough to roam around, with some fine examples of French colonial architecture though modern developments, mostly in the form of hotels, has been developing fast here in recent years since the slow demise of the Khmer Rouge. 

Cycle to visit the jewel in the Angkor Archeological Park, the magnificent Angkor Wat temple. We also cycle between Angkor Wat and Phnom Bakeng, with stops at the South Gate, Death Gate, Bayon, Victory Gate, Terraces of Elephants and Leper King and explore the jungle temple where shooting Tomb Raider, Ta Promh. Will have lunch at the local restaurant in the park, late afternoon cycle back to Siem Reap passing the local street market. 

Overnight in Siem Reap 
Cycling distance: 27Km
Breakfast and Lunch included


Day 10: Siem Reap - Phnom Koulen 
Today we enjoy a bike and hike to explore Siem Reap and the surrounding area. We leave Siem Reap after breakfast and ride 36 Km to Koulen Mountain. You will love riding on the quiet dirt roads via Kravan temple, Bantey Kdei, Sras Srang and Phnom Bok. We drop off our bikes at Rattanak Tey Pagoda, and from here we conquer Koulen mountain by foot. After 88 steps we reach Pres Ang Chup and stop for a short break. After a well-earned rest, we continue 100 steps and 4Km to Reclining Buddha (Pres Ang Thom) passing the River of 1000 Lingas. Here we can enjoy a picnic lunch near the waterfall. We hike back to the pagoda where our car is ready to transfer us to Siem Reap. 

Overnight in Siem Reap 
Cycling distance: 50Km
Hiking: 1.5 hour
Breakfast and Lunch included


Day 11: Siem Reap – Phnom Penh  
Early morning after having the breakfast you will transfer by to Phnom Penh by private vehicle. Upon arrival in Phnom Penh you will be greeting and transfer to the hotel for check-in. After getting settled into your hotel, you will have free time for either optional tours or for leisure activities. A long the way you will have a few stops with testing some local special snacks such as deep-fried spider, cricket, snake or birds that you might not find at your home country.

Overnight in Phnom Penh
Cyclign distance: None
Breakfast and Lunch included


Day 12: Phnom Penh - City Tour by Tuk Tuk
After breakfast, we explore this bustling city's major sights on Tuk Tuk tour with the guide and driver. The tour will include the National Museum of Khmer Art where housing the collection from all over the country, the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda, the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, and the Killing Fields. Is one of the Killing Field in Cambodia, between 1975 and 1978, about 17,000 men, women, children and infants (including nine westerners), detained and tortured at Tuol Sleng Museum (S-21), were transported to the extermination to death to avoid wasting precious bullets. 

Overnight in Phnom Penh
Breakfast and Lunch included.


Day 13: Phnom Penh – Takeo 
After breakfast, we cycle through the rush-hour traffic of Phnom Penh or transfer by private vehicle, and then we get on the open road to Takeo. Takeo is often referred to as “the cradle of Cambodian civilization” and has several important pre-Angkorian sites from the 5th and the 8th century. You'll visit the Phnom Da Temple and Tonle Bati, as well as a few other temples. Always has some rest stops on the way that could dial/communicate with local people.

Overnight in Ta Keo
Cycling distance: 75Km
Breakfast and Lunch included


Day 14: Takeo– Kep 
After having the breakfast, it's time to go.
Your guide and driver will make a short transfer to the small town of Chhouk and we set up the bike in front of the school then will continue on your bikes through Phnom Wor Mountain, passing the pepper farm, mango plantation as well as passing villages, after which continue along the foot of Phnom Wor Mountain was one of the strongest Khmer Rouge military zoon while Cambodia was in the state of flux from 1979-1998 when you cycle through the area could imagine. But you are always welcome by the sound from the house near by to say hello or good bye to you, in the meantime you will visit the pepper plantation and getting to know how to grow and produce its products. You will be free after checking in to your hotel.   

Overnight in Kep
Cycling distance: 60Km
Breakfast and Lunch included


Day 15: Kep – Free Day
After breakfast at hotel the day is free for you to explore or relax by the beach. 
Kep was Cambodia's premier beach town, drawing holiday-makers to its breezy shores and nearby Bokor Hill Station in Kampot. Back in the day, luxurious villas of the privileged class dotted the seaside, but now remain as ruined vestiges of an earlier era, slowly being cleared away for new developments. You could explore beaches, jungle mountain, nearby caves or visit Rabbit Island (Koh Tunsay). Do not forget to explore the Crab Market in the morning. 

Overnight in Kep
Cycling distance: No cycling
Breakfast included


Day 16: Kep – Bokor Hill station - Kampot 
After breakfast at your hotel in Kep, starts your cycling from the hotel to Kampot, along the way could see the salt field and explore caves, stopping off at the market to for a short excursion. Kampot sits along the east side of the Kampong Bay River near the base of the Elephant Mountains and is of quite different character from the beach town of Sihanoukville. Kampot City is an old provincial capital of quiet lanes and colonial architecture, a bit worn but radiating a quaint, welcoming, small town ambiance. Continues on your way by bike to the foot of Bokor Hill station then transfer to explore the mountain top before going back to Kampot at the end of the day.

Overnight in Kampot
Cycling distance: 65Km
Breakfast and Lunch included


Day 17: Kampot – Chi Phat
Breakfast at the hotel, followed by a transfer to Chi Phat. The journey will take about 3 hours driving through the stunning Cambodian countryside, passing mountains and paddy fields. When we arrive at Phoum Andoung Theouk we will transfer by private boat to the eco community of Chi Phat. After checking in at our homestay we will explore the village on foot to see the lifestyle of the local community who live on the Cadamam Mountain Range.

Overnight in Local Homestay at Chi Phat Community 
Cycling distance; None
Breakfast and Dinner included


Day 18: Chi Phat – Veal Ta Prak (Silver Field Pond) 
We leave at sunrise on our bird-watching trip on a motorboat and traditional rowing boat along the Steung Prat River. When arrived at Damnak Kos will start for trekking to Veal Ta Prak with your local guide. Lunch at O’Chonleas Pran (Refugee River) (by CBET forest cook); continue trekking to Antong Prang campsite near 2 small streams and a meadow. Evening walk to the nearby Veal Ta Prak pond to try and spot some of the local wildlife that use this watering hole. Return to the campsite you'll have dinner prepared again by the forest cook.

Overnight in Tent (Camping)
Boating: 18Km
Trekking: 9.5Km
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included


Day 19: Veal Ta Prak – Chi Phat – Sihanoukville 
Walk to the nearby Veal Ta Prak pond to try to spot some local wildlife. Breakfast will be at the campsite prepared by the forest cook after which will start trekking to the Veal Ta Prak junction and continue on to Chi Phat Commune where we will have lunch. In the afternoon we transfer by boat to Phum Andoung Chenh travelling on to Sihanoukville by private air-conditioning vehicle.

Overnight in Sihanoukville
Trekking: 12.5Km
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included


Day 20: Sihanoukville – Koh Rong Island
After breakfast at the hotel, the day is free for you to explore or relax. Sihanoukville is Cambodia's premier beach town, sporting miles of white sand beaches, some excellent seafood, a heady party scene, and several nearby tropical islands. The town sits on a peninsula jutting into the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Beaches of fine pearl-white sand line the shore around the peninsula, each offering its own unique character, from the busy and popular Ochheuteal Beach to the secluded chill-out far end of Otres Beach.
In the afternoon you will travel by speed boat to Koh Rong, is the second largest island of Cambodia with its beach approximately 43 km decorated with white sand and clear water, island is known as the leisure paradise.  

Overnight in Koh Rong Island 
Breakfast included


Day 21: Koh Rong Island – Free day
Enjoy the breakfast at your hotel then free at your leisure or enjoy with the lovely beaches .

Overnight in Koh Rong Island 

Breakfast included


Day 22: Koh Rong - Sihanoukville – Phnom Penh 
Your Cambodia Adventure trip of 22 days has completed with enjoyable, exiting and experiences.
Having your breakfast at the hotel, then you will travel back to the mainland. Continue by private transfer to Phnom Penh for the departure flight home (approximately 45mn by speed boat to mainland and 4 hours driving time to Phnom Penh by private vehicle).

Meals: Breakfast.

Price: USD 2,238 Per Person


  • Experienced English speaking guide through out
  • Private transportation by air-conditioned vehicle
  • Accommodation in double/twin sharing rooms with daily breakfast
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Bottled drinking water for sightseeing
  • All sightseeing entrance fee where required in the itinerary
  • Mountain bike and helmet
  • First Aid


  • International/domestic airfares & tax
  • Visa fees (US$30). You are able to apply by Online for tourist Cambodia via just click here
  • Travel Insurance. (We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance from home country)
  • Personal expenditure (telephone, laundry, shopping and so on…)
  • Tips for guide, driver, porters and project cost
  • Beverage and alcoholic drinks
  • Any other services not clearly mentioned on itinerary and trip inclusive portion.

Cambodia Holiday Tour - 22 days, is private and can be tailor-made to suit your travel needs. As a result, the price is quoted in US dollars and shown on a per-person basis. The 'Price From' quoted above is for parties of 2, 4 and 6 people and for options of accommodation are Superior (3 star), Deluxe (4 star), Luxury (5 star) hotels.

The final price will be privately quoted, based on the number in your party, your preferred time of travel, grade of hotel and any additional services requested. Please click on the BOOK TRIP or CUSTOMIZE TRIP or GET a QUOTE buttons and fill in the form, after which one of our travel consultants will assist and offer the best value holiday for you.


We are aware that a good tour must have good hotels. In Southeast Asia particularly, hotel price makes up most of the cost of your holiday.
All of our prices are calculated on a twin/double-shared basis. As a guide, Travel Loops defines hotel grades as follows:

>>Superior Level (3-star hotels in good locations): > 45 USD/room/night

Additional info

  • Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability


  • The timing of sightseeing points shall be fixing by local operator due to traffic and weather conditions (Non-refundable for any cancellation that made by clients).
  • Rate subject to change depending upon gasoline prices etc.

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Starting point:
Phnom Penh

Finishing point:
Phnom Penh

Departure time:
Upon request, then Travel Loops would suggest to depart for your tour at 08:00 am.

22 days

Cambodia Adventure 22 Days

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